The Daily Monster(R) MONSTER MAKER Privacy Policy

We don't store your information.

We can't. We never receive any information about you in the first place.
We love you, but we never find out who you are. Unless you write us a letter.
(It's like a bad romance novel, isn't it?)

When you contact us to help you with a problem, any personal information you provide is voluntary.
We collect and use only the minimum information necessary to respond to your concerns.
In most cases, that's your name and/or email address.

In limited cases we may ask for error logs or screen captures. If you choose to provide them,
we'll store them as part of your e-mail solely to address your tech support issue. That's all.

We use Apple's services to enable in-app purchases and iAds,
and they use and store your information according to their own privacy policy,
which you can find here: